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Friday, December 05, 2014

The Melted Snowman ornament
Melted Snowman Ornament I call 'Spring'

For everyone that's asked for the instructions for the Melted Snowman Ornament I call 'Spring'
This cute little ornament is a hit, sometimes takes a while for some to get it.. but funny when they do...

What you need:
-fill-able plastic ornament
-gum paste and colouring: brown, black, orange
what you need to make a Melted Snowman Ornament

Make your gum paste colours, you don't need a lot!. Mix a quarter size ball of brown (for the 2 arms), same for the black (for eyes, mouth) and a dime size for the carrot nose. 

Roll a ball about thumb nail size, shape it into a stick shape. With scissors cut 2 cuts on one end. With the scissors cut to form 'stick' shapes on the end. Shape to get an arm look. I've attached a picture of the steps. 
Also to give a more realistic look, draw some lines down the arm, so it doesn't look as smooth.
the arms for our snowman

You can make a small nose or big. Take your desired amount of orange gum paste and roll it into a ball. Continue to roll into a tear shape then a carrot shape. Pinch the end to give it a sharper end. Again to give some more dimension I add lines horizontally and over the whole carrot. Make sure one end is flat.
carrot nose 

Eyes, mouth:
With some black gum paste make 4 or 5 small balls for the mouth. For the eyes make 2 and make these bigger than your mouth ones. I don't make them smooth at all so they look like coal.

eyes and mouth 

Optional hat:
You can also add a hat. To make a hat simply take some black gum paste, roll into a ball, then an oval. With your fingers go around one end to make the brim of a hat. Flatten one end. It's tricky to put a hat in the ornament, so I always put it in first and once in I fix it from inside (since most of the time it got squished going in) Add the hat before the sugar so you can work with it while it's inside. Using a stick or gum paste tool work your hat so it's flat on the top and the edge (brim) is going all the way around.

Add the sugar to your ball. I don't measure, but it's about 1/4 of the ornament. To make life easy you can use a paper folded to make a funnel. Or go free hand --- but this is not a neat job!
add some sugar
you can make a funnel out of paper to help put the sugar in

Add your nose, arms, eyes and mouth. It does help to let these dry for a little bit because sugar may stick to them once in the ornament. 
add everything you made in with the sugar

Put the top back on the ornament and add your ribbon.
If you shack gently everything will come to the top, generally the sugar will always be at the bottom. 

Enjoy and Happy Decorating!



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